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Denver is Colorado's capital city, lying on the plains just below the towering Rocky Mountains. In addition to offering unparalleled views of snowcapped peaks and close access to skiing, hiking, and other mountain sports, the city of Denver itself is a dynamic and cosmopolitan place. The first permanent structure in Denver was a saloon, but today there are parks, museums, theatres, music venues, professional sports stadiums, and world-class shopping and dining, as well as a wide array of breweries and unique watering holes. If you want to get around town without your car, Denver is well-served by public transportation as well as having bike lanes and trails for easy travelling around the area. With over 300 days of sunshine per year, "The Mile High City" is always a beautiful and exciting place to live.

Homes in Denver can range from 100 years old to brand new, and many neighborhoods in the city are characterized by beautiful, distinctive historic homes. However, Dave recognizes that today's families may want larger homes with newer features to suit their modern lifestyle. Even when we start from the ground up, however, we are sure to recycle everything that we remove.


The Highlands is just a short walk from LoDo, and is currently one of Denver's hottest neighbourhoods, with over forty restaurants and plenty of parks for walking the dog! Home Prices Start in the mid $500's!


Located to the north of the Highlands area, Berkeley is five minutes from downtown and features a spectacular lake and park, as well as being close to the city life of the surrounding area. Home Prices Start in the mid $400's!
Sloan's Lake. Like Berkeley, Sloan's Lake also features a large lake and park close to downtown Denver, this time to the south of the Highlands area. Home Prices Start in the high $500's!

Observatory Park

This neighborhood, which dates to 1880, feels like a college town. It shares space with the University of Denver, and is connected to Denver and other parts of the Metro area by light rail and I-25. There are several shopping streets full of local, independent shops and restaurants, as well as the famous park with its historic observatory. Home Prices Start in the low $700's!


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